Beheerliggaam - Governing Body 2018

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Beheerliggaam / Governing Body

The Governing Body Executive Committee & Sub-committees had meetings each month and successfully completed an array of tasks.   We express our gratitude to each and every person involved, for their unselfish commitment towards our great school.

Dr L Scholtz – Voorsitter
Dr W Hendrikz – Hoof
Mev E Smit – Adjunkhoof

Mev I du Toit – Personeel

Mev R Erasmus – Nie-onderwys personeel

Mnr F Janse van Rensburg – Ouer (Gebou en Terrein komitee)

Mnr J van Staden – Ouer (Finansiële komitee)

Mnr R de Bruyn – Ouer (Finansiële komitee)

Mnr R Faure – Ouer ( Kommunikasie komitee)

Mnr W Bosman – Adjunkhoof
Mnr W van Wyk – Ouer (Opvoedkundige komitee)