School Information

School Badge

On 19 March 1987 the school committee met and decided on a central theme "harvest". Designs must be submitted after the holiday. On July 1, the final choice will be submitted to the Management Board. Mr. J.B.N. Buisset designs the badge with the following symbolism:

Theresapark Primary School

The golden corners indicate the harvest collected. While "harvesting" relates to the teaching and education of our children, we also have to do with a biblical image of the Word that sows and yields a rich harvest. Seven veins tied together, representing the seven primary school years as a unit. The circle behind the veins is symbolic of the fullness of the harvest and is in dark blue to emphasize the golden berry. The roast, breaking through the circle from below to top, indicates vibrant growth and multiplication. The section around the circle within the shield is light blue, while the edge of the badge is yellow. The three colors, light blue, dark blue and yellow represent the school colors. The yellow band that stretches across the shield under the name of the school is symbolic of the Light of above and emphasizes the Christian character of our education.

School Song

Theresapark! Theresapark!
Jy is ons eie skool;
Ons het jou lief Ons dien jou trou:
Soos net ‘n kind maar kan.

Deur ons brose kinderjare:
Word ons hier geleer, gelei
Jy sal altyd ons anker bly:
Geliefd, Geëerd, Ons skool!

Die goudgeel koringare
Wat uitreik na die son
Simbolies van die jare
Vol arbeidsvreugd(e) vir my!

Ons arbeid is ons vreugde—nie streef na yd(e)le eer.
Ons dank ons Skepper, Vader
Vir al’s aan ons toevertrou.

Theresapark, Theresapark
Let’s join our voices together
And sing in perfect harmony
That you are our school

You lead the way to goodwill
And prosperity
As we walk forward
Hand in hand
For this we love our school

School Song

Clothing Store

The clothes shop's times are as follows:

Mondays and Wednesdays from 13:30 until 14:30

The store will also be open from 09:00 until 12:00 on the following Saturdays:

Saturdays 09:00 until 12:00
2 June 16 June
14 July (Start to school on Saturday) 4 August
18 August 1 September
15 September 6 October (Start to school on Saturday)
20 October 3 November
17 November 1 December